Intelligent Outdoor Lighting Systems

We offer a localized, on-site controller that enables a Brilliant Illuminations Technician to customize colors and schedule the lights for up to 12 months for every occasion, including Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, sports game days or any other holiday, event or celebration. Brilliant Illuminations’s color-changing technology makes it easy to select static colors or color-changing scenes.

You can create the perfect ambiance year-round without detracting from your home or building’s exterior. During the day, our product looks like a decorative molding, designed to line the top edge of a home or building. At night, our product provides bright, color-changing lighting that communicates a holiday or occasion that is special to you.

Any color, any time for any home, business, or city.

Benefits That Shine

  • Year-round utilization
  • Powered with low-voltage LED lights that use 12% of the energy required for standard string lights
  • One-time installation with little to no maintenance.  Our system eliminates the risk of frequently accessing the roof to replace and maintain traditional lights
  • Captures more attention to your business by bringing your property to life
  • Creates an attractive environment, your customers will enjoy while generating more traffic for your business
  • Creates an inviting environment for the entire community whether celebrating a holiday, festive occasion, or just showing daily appreciation for your customers

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