Residential Outdoor Lighting System

Our residential outdoor lighting installation will make your home stand out at night and during the day the lighting will be hidden by the eave trim molding that will blend seamlessly into your homes exterior.

Our outdoor lighting system is a permanent, one-time installation that you can control from anywhere at anytime from any tablet, smartphone or web browser using our cloud based control system.

You can help lower your electricity bill and better the environment by reducing your carbon footprint through substantially less energy usage.

  • LED lights last up to 50,000 hours
  • Low-voltage lights use 12% of the energy required by standard string lights
  • The average product payback is about 2 years
  • Uses 60 watts of electricity for 200 feet of light, equivalent to 1 typical incandescent light bulb

The best part? You will never have to hang holiday lights again!

Brilliant Illumination is the perfect permanent Christmas light system – it reduces energy, requires little-to-no maintenance, matches your trim during the day, and can be used for any holiday or other celebration because of the many color and sequence choices.

  • Home lighting upgrade that can improve night visibility around your home
  • Quality lighting fixture that won’t fall off the house
  • Custom order to match the color of installation surface

Customize the colors and lighting display at any time to celebrate any occasion or holiday with your friends and family.