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Let Us Illuminate You.

Brilliant Illuminations offers an innovative product that is the best practical application of color-changing lighting for a home, business or city. The days of string lights, storage issues, short-life, limited-color incandescent bulbs are over. Experience the latest in LED lighting technologies that can be easily customized to whatever you desire.

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Customize your colors for every occasion including, Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day, sports game days or any other holiday, event or celebration. Illuminate your home’s exterior for all special occasions using our LED Lights that blend into existing architecture, making them virtually invisible during the day. No more ladders, or tangled strings of holiday lights.

Brilliant Illuminations - Commercial Lighting Solution


Brighten and highlight your business with our weatherproof, long-lasting, outdoor lighting system. It blends seamlessly into any architecture, eliminating the need for holiday or decorative light strings. The system eliminates the risks of frequently accessing the roof to replace and maintain traditional lights.

Brilliant Illuminations - Commercial Lighting Solution


Our lighting solution reduces your environmental footprint by lowering energy consumption, increasing your city’s sustainability while visually enhancing buildings and outdoor spaces. The lighting improvements will energize your city and create a welcoming, ambient environment for visitors.


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“Brilliant Illuminations offers high-tech controlled lighting solutions that operate from localized controllers to cloud-based solutions, allowing us to customize colors, timer options and programed lighting sequences.”
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