Adding value to your business, home & city.

Our sophisticated product takes exterior lighting to a whole new level with lighting and color choices that can be changed anytime.

Our lighting system can improve your home or building exterior to be sustainable, aesthetically appealing, and create a welcoming, ambient environment. With a one-time, installation, you can illuminate your home or building and customize for every occasion, event or holiday that is special to you.

Sense of Community

Communicate your interests or special occasions and create a uniform, nighttime aesthetic of color-changing lights that instills pride.


The LED lights are embedded in a decorative moulding cover that is offered in several standard colors or they can be color-matched to the trim of your home or building.


Our lighting solution consumes 87% less electricity, lowering your carbon footprint.

Seamless Installation

Our one-time product installation is simple and can be customized to meet your needs.

Any Color. Anytime.

With our easy-to-use control technology we can access your lighting remotely and control, your home or multiple buildings. The product’s high-tech control options enable us to customize colors and timer options as well as program light sequences.

Our high-tech control solutions range from localized, on-site controllers to cloud-based solutions. Our wireless controller/hub has cellular capabilities and runs on its own reliable network. It can also be programmed to turn on automatically!

How Our Advanced Control Product Works

Brilliant Illuminations offers high-tech controlled lighting solutions that operate from localized controllers to cloud-based solutions, allowing us to customize colors, timer options and programed lighting sequences.

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