Outdoor Commercial Lighting Features

With our permanent outdoor lighting system, you can control and customize the colors and the display to highlight the exterior of your business.

Our decorative lighting is unique from other outdoor lighting options because it is covered in a decorative molding that is discreet during the day. In addition to its visual appeal, our product will help you run a sustainable operation from anywhere at anytime and contribute to the safety and security of your business.

Energy Efficient Outdoor Business Lighting

We have installed our efficient and cost effective lighting product in shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings and community centers in and around the Chicagoland area.

Our cost-effective lighting system eliminates recurring maintenance expenses and high electricity bills, while it also serves as a way to promote your company. For example, running a one-day sale? Set your lights to flash green.

Your business can benefit from our outdoor lighting system in the following ways:

  • Catch your customer’s attention and attract more foot traffic.
  • Promote your brand with a display of colors that matches your brand or communicates a business promotion.
  • Lower your carbon footprint by running a sustainable operation with an environmentally-friendly product.
  • Eliminate the risks of frequently accessing the roof to replace and maintain lights year-round.
  • The exterior LED lights will improve night visibility, making employees and customers feel safe and comfortable.

Brilliant Illumination – Outdoor Commercial Lighting Features

Our lighting system features a calendar scheduling capability that allows you to program 12 months of colors and light sequences to celebrate events and holidays.

Additionally, multiple systems can be controlled through a single device and synchronized through a real-time clock so programs run seamlessly.

Our product consumes 90 percent less electricity than traditional string lights, helping you reduce your electricity bill and your environmental footprint.

Our outdoor lighting system is a permanent, one-time installation that you can control from anywhere at anytime from any tablet, smartphone or web browser using our cloud based control system.

  1. Cloud-Based Control Solution
  2. Customize Lighting From Any Device
  3. Real-Time Control From Anywhere